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The Lotus Process Video Series

I warmly invite you to explore this video series with over 5 hours of content including practices to support your healing in every module. 

Included in this package:

The Lotus Process Video Series is designed to help you find inspiration, hope and healing techniques to support you on your path to wellness.  

 You will receive:  

~ 10 videos to guide your journey with The Lotus Process for healing Chronic Illness with over 5 hours of content (valued at £99)

~ 20 practices to support your journey throughout the videos 

~Access to all future updates to the video programme


Step 1: Acceptance and Surrender

~You will explore more about the first stage of healing: to accept what is for now. 

~You will be supported to let go into surrender and acceptance, and practice gratitude to support your healing path.

~This step will help you build a foundation to calm your nervous system and support your health recovery.


 Step 2: Belief and Commitment

~You will learn more about how belief in your ability to heal is powerful in supporting you in physical healing, as well as committing to your path to wellbeing. 

~You will be supported to know you can heal chronic illness and to keep going. 

~You will learn about how to work through any doubts that come up and how to get yourself back on track.




Step 3: Self-Care and Inner Resources

~You will be reminded to look after yourself with compassion on a daily basis and follow your joy. 

~You will be guided to create your own unique self-care routine to support your health recovery.

~You will be supported to know that you are worthy of being well resourced.




Step 4: Community and Support

~In this step we cover the value of a supportive community in the process of healing. 

~You will be supported to know you are worthy of getting the external support and validation you need. 

~Having a good community around you will help you navigate all the steps of The Lotus Process journey.




Step 5: Overcome Blocks to Healing

~This step is about getting clearer on your personal inner blocks to recovery, and how to tenderly approach this important part of your healing path. 

~You will explore personality traits, unconscious blocks and secondary gains of illness; and how to overcome them so that you can recover your health. 

~You will learn how to be compassionate with yourself as you move towards the healthy, whole and happy person you are born to be.  




Step 6: Purpose and Authenticity

~We will explore how living your unique purpose in life, and following it with authenticity, is a key to moving towards the health you so deserve. 

~We will explore purpose as being in part about discovering your unique contribution to others or the world in a large or small way that is meaningful for you. 

~You will explore authenticity as a key to recover your health.  




Step 7: Healing your Past

~This step covers the important topic of how to heal emotional wounds and trauma from your body-mind system, to support you in recovering your health. 

~You will explore how healing your past has the potential to support a deep and lasting health recovery, and to support you to move into a place of greater strength and resilience. 

~You will be guided to gently and tenderly approach personal and ancestral healing that can support your lasting health recovery.




Step 8: Sustaining Health and Wholeness

~This step is a vital step of learning to sustain your health, which will help you to stay in balance, and keep the health benefits you receive as you recover. 

~You will be guided to keep up a self-care practice in your life even once you’re fully well and to be aware of unhealthy or old patterns that may come back as you heal, such as over-achieving or over-giving.

~You will be invited to keep up your own personal growth and development and I guide you to embrace your whole self: who is embodied, connected, courageous and present. Continuing to invest in your health and yourself is a very worthwhile practice for the rest of your life.

What people are saying about this video series...



“This programme has been like a soothing balm to me. It has helped me on so many levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has given me hope and confidence in myself and my own bodies ability to heal. Frances is an inspiration and has a wealth of experience in dealing with chronic illness, she understands all the emotions and the rollercoaster ride that living with a chronic illness can be. The steps within the programme are like a roadmap to health and happiness and I would encourage anyone who lives with chronic illness to give it a try. It’s practical, gentle and encouraging throughout.”












“I thought the videos were a most excellent resource. As they are spoken they are engaging and much easier to recall for many peoples style of learning, especially if audio, visual or even kinesthetic. The meditations and practical work were extremely helpful and really enhanced the book and video content.  

I loved the flow through and the way you had structured the program.  

Thanks so much Frances, as ever I have loved doing it.” 


~ Lucy

About your host:

Frances Goodall 

Frances has over a decade of experience of supporting others with chronic illness back to full health.  

Frances is the author of a book ‘You Can Heal Chronic Illness, The Lotus Process: 8 Steps to Health and Happiness’ and has personally experienced her own recovery from chronic illness and is passionate about creating supportive resources to support others to heal. 

Frances is also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Trainer and the co-founder of The Women’s Wellness Circle. 


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